The Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia was established in 1951 with Bruce Catton and Virgil Carrington "Pat" Jones among its founding members. Its purpose is to stimulate and expand interest in the military, political, diplomatic, economic, and socio-cultural history of the United States and particularly the Civil War. It is also committed to preserving historical sites and landmarks through initiatives such as, among others, its annual Edwin C. Bearss Award. Among its achievements, the Round Table spawned the National Civil War Centennial Commission. 

The Round Table meets once or twice a month from September to June at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia or via Zoom.  At its in-person/hybrid Zoom meetings, the Round Table caters dinner followed by a presentation by a noted author or scholar on a topic related to the U.S. Civil War.  Recent speakers include: Fergus Bordewich, Gary Gallagher, Stephen Phan, Frank Smith, Allen Guelzo, Michael Burlingame, Don Miller, Daud Watts, and Gail Stephens, to name only a few.

The Round Table also sponsors visits to battlefield sites, tours of museums, and other events.  Recent tours have featured Vicksburg, Chancellorsville, the Lost Avenue, Appomattox, Chickamauga, the Valley Campaign, Antietam, Petersburg, Culp's Hill and Daniel Lady Farm, and many more.

Activities To Be Expanded for Virtual Attendees.  As a result of the recent pandemic, the Round Table discontinued its in-person meetings and instead hosted its speakers via Zoom.  This change allowed attendees from all of the world share with us their passion for the study of Civil War history and enjoy fellowship and camaraderie with other history enthusiasts.  Because our Round Table in the past has been comprised primarily of members who live in the DC area, however, we often reported about current and upcoming events and activities occurring locally.  Now that we have members joining from outside the DC area, however, we would like to use Zoom technology to offer those attendees an opportunity to share information about Civil War events, sites, artifacts, and stories related to where they live.  One idea suggested recently is to have members or historians on site at the Battle of Stones River share with us photographs and other media they have about that battle.  Another is to have one of our members located in Missouri give us a virtual walking tour of the bridge that Archer Alexander (of Emancipation Memorial statue fame) reported to Union troops would be sabotaged by the Confederate troops.  Conversely, we hope to have members who reside in the DC area give virtual walking tours of locations in the Capital City and nearby battlefields for attendees who are unlikely to visit our area. 

If you would like to make a presentation (either in-person or via Zoom) to our Round Table about an event, tour, experience, or story, please click HERE for more information (https://cwrtdc-meetings.blogspot.com/p/make-presentation.html)

All Are Welcome.  All are welcome to attend the Zoom presentations, and we urge you to become a member, using the menu located to the right of our page HERE (https://cwrtdc-meetings.blogspot.com/).  All are also welcome to join us in-person for our dinners and the speaker presentations, including members and non-members (and whether Civil War history buffs or newly interested in studying this conflict).  Reservations are required for dinner and a fee is charged. Or feel free to attend in-person or via Zoom only to listen to the speakers' presentations. For more information about our meetings and for directions, click on the "MEETINGS / TOURS" tab above. 

Please click on one of the tabs in the menu bar above to learn about our group and for more information about our dinners, speakers, events, tours, history, and membership. Or contact us at admin@cwrtdc.org with any questions.

Schedule of Speakers/Tours 2022-2023

Meetings in Red = At Fort Myer (and hybrid)
Meetings in Black = Via Zoom
Tours/Events = Blue

DATE           SPEAKER              TENTATIVE TOPIC
Sept 14, 22    Irving Moy                 Joseph Pierce
Sept 27, 22    Gregg Clemmer        CW Memory
Oct 13, 22      David Kent                 Lincoln and STEM
Oct 26, 22      Daud Watts                Contraband Camps
Nov 9, 22       Candice Hooper        CW Mail Delivery
Nov 22, 22     Carolyn Ivanoff         Dr. George Porter
Dec 6, 22       Fergus Bordewich    Grant and the KKK
Dec 14, 22     Gary Gallagher         The Enduring CW
Jan 11, 23     Jim Kelly                    Private Sneden's Art
Jan 25, 23     Caroline Janney        Ends of War
Feb 8, 23       Jon Meacham           Joint Meeting w/LGDC
Feb 8, 23       Barna & Dickinson   Ed Bearss Awards
Feb 22, 23      Scott Hartwig            Antietam
Mar 8, 23       W&D Burtch              W.G. Raymond
Mar 22, 23     Elizabeth Leonard    Gen. Butler
Apr 20, 23     Timothy Smith          Grierson's Raid
Apr 26, 23     Jeffry Wert                 Spotsylvania
May 6, 23      Scott Sanger et al.     Trip to the ACWM
May 10, 23    David Stewart           The Burning Land
May 24, 23    Joan Waugh              Grant's Legacy
Jun 14, 23     Eric Wittenberg        CW Cavalry
Jun 24, 23     A. Loewenwarter      at Blenheim House
Jun 28, 23     Maurice Jackson      Benezet


For a list of previous speakers, click HERE 

For audio and video recordings of past speaker presentations, clicking HERE or visit http://cwrtdc-audio.blogspot.com/
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